Monday, April 27, 2009

The 8 Tag

Tetcha of Pensive Thoughts tagged me with this "8 Tag". I have to do this now before my lazy bug and forgetful virus strike again. Thanks a bunch for the tag tetcha.

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To
1. Meet my baby girl on august 13th, thats my due date.
2. Move to a house this summer.
3. Visit Philippines next year, hopefully.
4. Travel again after I give birth.
5. Take a vacation this summer.
6. Shopping this weekend.
7. See my baby Jake's reaction when we have the baby.
8. Get a job.

8 Things I Did Yesterday
1. Woke up late.
2. Went for a walk and exercise at the park.
3. Bloghop for 30 minutes.
4. Gave Jake a bath before putting him to bed.
5. Watched TV.
6. Did the dishes.
7. Talked to my sister on the phone.
8. Did a little entrecard droppin for like an hour before went to bed.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
1. Call my family back home more often .
2. Have more time to blog.
3. Go to Boracay.
4. Travel outside the Philippines.
5. Buy my own PC.
6. Have a Job.
7. Go back to school to have units in pre-elem or finish my masters degree.
8. Be in the Philippine mall like SM, Ayala and eat siomai in chowking.

8 Shows I Watch
1. Cartoons
2. Food Network challenge, Iron chef
3. Monk
4. House
5. Chuck
6. Law and Order, SVU, Criminal intent
7. Beverly Hills 90210
8. One tree hill

8 People I Tag
1. Momgen of Wonderful Things in Life
2. Dhemcy of My life Perception and Inspiration
3. Rose of Obstacles and Glories
4. MommyJac of Mom's Special Diary
5. Cacai of Cacai's Step and Journey
6. Chuchie of Chuchie's HideAway
7. Chay of Revolution of Insanely Chay
8. Vivian of Mom's Lifestyle




MaryAnneVelasco said...

hello shydub!

kakatawa ka naman! sa sitemap, just click yung nakasulat na add sitemap. tapos, you can see a blank on the next page. add mo lang sa blank ang " feeds/posts/default " tapos click submit. tapos, you have to wait for some minutes or hours to check if it's accepted by google or not. if it said OK, accepted yun. if it says Error, you have to resubmit again and again hanggang tanggapin ng google.

let me know kung okey na or hindi pa rin. will keep on helping you until the end.. hihi

Chubskulit Rose said...

Hi Shy, may tag pala ako dito, thanks hehehe..

Oiiist August 13.. wed anniv. namin ni hubby yan hehehe...,

Umma said...

Hello Shy.. I just realized na buntis ka pala? Congrats ha? me baby girl ka na pala coming soon.. Im wishing for a baby girl too.. pero wa man guihapon .

Jac said...

Hi sis,done posting the 8 tag here

have a lovely day =)

Anonymous said...

August 13th is your due date and my birthday. Cool.

Unknown said...

Hi shy, dont know how to reach you. kapalan ko na mukha ko ha ? can you help me install PPP disclosure to my blog ? hahaha newbie ang lola mo..hay been working on it pero di ko pa rin alam kung papano. you can reach me at

Sensya na ha ?

Cacai M. said...

Wow! am in! thanks a lot Te Shy! muahhh!

Momgen said...

wow taasa sa tag sige ako ni buhaton pero ako ipost tomorrow ha heehhe. Ingats.

Dhemz said...

woi apil man diay ko dire tsang gwafs....glad to know about you...hehehe...kuyog ko sa imo sa boracay dayon ha...hehehe!

Woi mag shopping diay ka this weekend? apili dayon ko ug pink nga bra ha....hehhehe....:) thanks tuod sa imong comments..nalingaw ko ug basa...hehhehe. Hapit na diay ka mag pop no? August 13 man excited for you..ninang dayon ko...hahaha...ambisyosa kaayo...hhhahaha!

Woi oks na intawon ko...ambot woi kapuyan man ko last night ug blog hopping..wala ko sa mood...ehhehehe!

kalay man jud ka no...hehhe..sos sa una in ana si banana nako..karon kay kumita naman ko sa blogging tapos blogger na sad daw sya...oks lang..tapos tunga man sad mi sa kita...hahhaha...I mean 50% will go to the house bills..tapos ako na ang uban pang shopping...waaaaa.....heheheh!

Woi basin imo ra na pasagdan imo banana...maong mag selos sa blogging...sos ikaw sad...wa diay time loving loving? hehehe...joke!

kalay jud na sya ay...hahhaha....tagalan man siguro ug 5 years...hahaha...buang! pila na diay mo ka years nag jumens? mura man ka ug na feel nimo ang 2 year itch....just kidding! woi ganiha pa jud nako napada ang bulad ug uban pa...hehehe...hope you will get it this week....para maka sugba naka sa bulad....hahaha!

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