Monday, March 30, 2009

Feeling Hollywood AWARDS yo!


A Smart Mommy Willa gave me this award winning "Smart Blogger" award. I'm so flattered and speechless...(quiet). Okay I got to talk yo, Thanks a millions willa for including me in the list even if I'm doubtful if I am qualified for this. But hey, Im smart enough to take care of my kiddo and hubby everyday. Visit smart willa's smart blog SMART MOMMY and learn smart tips and facts. She is so smart to make and share this award to all the smart blogger in this blogosphere.

Now let's keep the smart ball rolling, its my turn to pass this on to other smart bloggers I know in this blogsphere. If you guys are interested to read and learn about facts and politics that contributed to the history of the philippines politics and recent issues visit Ron Centeno's blog FOAD and IMOW . Another smart blogger I know Kara of The Frugal Angel-Guided Psychic , her blog speaks herself an angel - guided psychic looking to find balance in everyday life. I love visiting her blog, I learned a lot in life and it improved my spiritual aspects. A smart creative blogger Momgen of Wonderful Things in Life is one of the many blogger I admire in this blogosphere, so smart to creat great design at the same time make contest while managing her blog. With her busy life she always have inspiring words and thoughts in her blog. Another smart mommy in this blogland I know is Cecile of Down Home with the Kenyons, she always have informative, interesting post in all her blogs. Tips and stuff about everyday life, recipes and pictures of yummy food from her kitchen, and smart idea and story about her and her wonderful family. Lastly is a blog from a good friend Chay of Insanely chay who has funny fairy tale stories in her own funny creative words in her blog. You can also read more cool stuff that makes her blog different from others. I wish I could put all the blogs from a smart blogger I know but my back is kind of sore already yo, waaaa. Remember, we are all smart in our own special way. Hope the following friends I mentioned above will grab this award.

The rules:

* Link the one who gave this award and let them know you posted it.

* Pass this to as many Smart Bloggers as you can think and make sure to write something about them, like what makes you think they are Smart.

* Let them know they have an Award.

Grab it guys and have a beautiful monday!


The Heart represents Love and Friendship. A neophyte blogger STAR-chuu of A Maiden's Testimony gave this award to me as a sign of good friendship. Just like her I met a lot of great people and good friends like her in this blogosphere. Thank you so very much star for passing this award to me, I appreciate it a lot, and Im so glad to met you and be your friend in this world of blogging. Your life has inspired me to fight and be brave in facing whatever obstacles that I may encounter everyday. I am going to share this award to the following friendzzz namely;


Rose's Obstacles and Glories gave me this lovely set of awards. Thank Rose for the thought, so nice of you friends even if you were busy and tired from your trip. The quadruplets award rule is; Name 7 person/things that you love then pass this on to 7 other bloggers.

The seven things/person I love the most are;

1. God

2. My Husband and Babies

3. My parents and siblings

4. Foods

5. Friends and Blogging

6. Travelling

7. Dancing and listening Inpsirational music.

I want to pass these awards to all my friends in my awesome blogroll, you know who you are, grab it if you still don't have these set of awards.


S-H-Y said...

WOW pang Hollywood tlga sa dami ng award hehehe..bumibisita dito..

Cacai M. said...

Hi Te Shy, thanks a lot for this and for including me of your list. I have already this but I will still include you in their as one of the sender. Thanks a lot Te Shy.. muahhugs

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

thanks for posting it, it's highly appreciated, and i love the colored fonts you used to emphasized your awardee :)

Cecile said...

Shy, thanks for the award ha; so sweet and thoughtful of you to include me in to this award, i am mot sure if i deserve this :-)!

I will post it before i go to bed ha :-), salamat uli!

Jac said...

congratulation Shy on your new award ...

Jac said...

Hi again shy I'm going to grab the awards thank you and I'm glad I'm in your blogroll...God bless you dear ^-^

Enchie said...

wow! you deserve all the awards shy! dami!dami!I visiting Willa's blogs too ;D

Jackie said...

Congrats on all of your awards. I love your 7 things...perfect order for a happy life!!

Tina said...

congrats on the cool awards!

Chris said...

thanks for passing the award to me :D

Ron Centeno said...

Thanks shydub! I'm honored! Congratulations on your many awards! Well deserved my friend!

Cecile said...

done with the tag dear :-); sorry for it took a day before I finally post it on my blog :-). Thanks again and have a nice tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Those are a lot of awards. I can see how your blog is very much appreciated.

Spices of Life said...

definitely deserve the awards....

Genefaith said...

another award for me?..yeeeyy..thanks...I saw my name the heart!

Babette said...

Congrats on your awards. :o) Thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the awards--well deserved!!! Also, thank you for the nice comment on post! P.S. I added your button to my blog :)

Star-chuu said...

hi shy, thanks for the award, blogging is one of my escaped goat of being alone, meeting you and more bloggers means a lot for me. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and became my friend. Ohhh...i'm so emotional...makaluha man ko ani oi...naging part na sa akong life ang pag blog since nag start ko.
Ganda ng award, very touching, I will grab it later. Have a blessed day SHY.

Hayley/Shu Fen said...

hey ho! first time dropping by ^^

congrats on the awards! :]

keep up the good work! :D

Momgen said...

Thanks Shy for the award posted.

*My Bundles of Joy*

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