Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Walking for a Good Cause and Good Health

Hi all. What if you could make a huge change in somebody's life by taking some of your spare time everyday and going for a walk? Would you do it? I just started today. Today I walked one mile for the Breast Cancer Network of Strength. For this walk, Bumble Bee Foods is going to donate fifteen cents to their cause. Also for this walk, I got the benefit of good exercise which will most certainly help me live a longer and healthier life. From April 1, 2009 to October 31, 2009, Bumble Bee Foods will donate fifteen cents for each mile you walk and then log at If I walk one mile per day for this duration, I will be responsible for raising $32.10 for the Breast Cancer Network of Strength. This may not sound like much, but if everyone got involved, the success of this program would be huge. Notice that in the picture of me at the end of the walk (pictured to the right), I seem to be having fun. There is a reason for that. It IS fun!! Not only am I getting into better shape, I am helping a worthy and noble cause. Most of us can't even imagine having a disease with little hope for our future. Can't we at least give people some comfort and emotional support? Please everyone, get out there and walk for those who need you the most. Log your miles at BeeWell Miles , and feel great about the fact that you are burning calories, trimming your waistline, helping others and gaining better health. Get all of your friends involved too. They'll thank you later. If you happen to live near a park, as I do, then you have no excuse for not getting out there. I walked to the park, and did a few loops around the botanical gardens near the entrance. The scenery is simply beautiful. I hope I've inspired everyone within ear's distance. Get out and walk today folks.


Jac said...

hi shy like you, I also live near the park and we usually bring the kids for a walk you are right it is fun and at the same time your gaining better health...nice post dear how are?

Dhemz said...

woi sexy buntis...hehehhe....:) woi duol day mo sa park..kami sad sa una..karon layo nami kay nag moved man jud me...hehehhe!

Unknown said...

Ohh ganahan ko ana sexy dhemz da, hehehe duol ra mi park dri, duha ka park and isa is more on family park and then the other one is more on walking, bike riding. You can see other people too walking, doing their own exercise.

AdinB said...

Hello mommy! Tim and I have been walking, running and exercising for a long time now to keep us fit. I wish I have this opp from SS. hehehehe.. :) That is good! :) Keep it up!

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